Alec the Piper – Amazing Graze for Mysti

Mysti,I said I would put this up for you,and I’m doing it for myself as well I just love the BagPipes

6 Comments on “Alec the Piper – Amazing Graze for Mysti

  1. Awww ty Mike. I agree with and J.D in that Amazing Grace is probably the most beautiful when played on the bag pipes. It brings tears to my ears when i am listening. Thank you for taking the time and finding the youtube video for me. Hugs and blessings!

  2. Mysti,it was not that hard to find.I have this one in my you tube account,The great thing is that it is free for all to use.I have something like a 110 videos that I can come and go enjoy.

  3. Mike,I love Amazing Grace when it is played on bagpipes. I really enjoyed this.Thanks for your comments on my new blog look. I appreciate your kindness.Sorry you are having trouble with Goog*le Reader. I hope it improves for you.Blessings,Mary

  4. Mary,I\’m glad when a video posting brings such joy to every one who comes to visit.I think I even have Amazing Grace being played on the Hammered Dulicmer,if so that will be showing up also.

  5. Mike, I know you posted this for Mysti…but I would like to thank you also…It was beautiful, and made me think of the Amazing Grace of God…I also enjoyed the dulcimer video…Mimi

  6. Mimi,Im glad that you enjoyed both videos as well.Yes God has a lot of grace for all of us.It is by His Grace I\’m sober,have my great wife Celestine.

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