Star Trekkin

for all of those trekies that have a sence of humor.

4 Comments on “Star Trekkin

  1. My 16 year old was sitting on the couch while this was playing…he kind of smirked and said \”I bet that\’s real funny….to anyone that actually SAW all those episodes\”. I had to break the news to him that I HAVE seen all of those. And loved them. lol (Those tribbles…that was a great episode!!!)

  2. you and me both,along with all of the spin offs.Next Generation,Deep Space Nine,Voyager,and the the last one Enterprise with Scott Baculla(hope I spelled his name right.)

  3. Oh Mike, that is a Saturday Morning memory for me. I loved Star Trek, and I remember watching it by myself, not with my folks. I guess they had seen them all already. The video was funny but now I want a boxed set of CDs of old star trek episodes!I sure do hope that you are feeling well today! Youre in my prayers friend.Jennifer

  4. Jennifer,i\’m doing ok even had a little outing today.Mrs.G said how about going for a ride and get some fresh air and a treat.

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