The U.S. in the military service.

As a former service member,I feel that no matter which branch of service you entered they all begin with the same two letters U.S. be it the Army,Air force,Marines,Navy of Coast Guard.This being said,I was proud to wear the uniform of the United States Air Force.
Just as my Cousin Keith who was air force,his younger Brother Brian U.S. Army. Our Cousin Judy Holmes who was in the Navy.I cannot forget my two brothers in law who had serves in the U.S.Army as well. Al who ended up in ‘Nam and Rod who as he states “fought the battle of the beer steins”. I must also take time to thank two other gentlemen as well my Dad who served in the Army Air Force in the Pacific theater and my Father in law Stanley who fought in several invasions in Africa,and Italy.He was involved in a very bloody invasion at the Anzio beach head. Not to mention to all those that served this country in world war 2,Korea,Viet-Nam,and all the other conflicts that we have called on our service men and women to serve in.
I was reminded that we have other relitives that have served this country as well my Uncle Rich was in the Army in the 50’s there was also my Mom’s cousins Donald who was in the Navy and Howard but were are not what branch he was in.

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  1. I was happy to serve even if my fellow service men did not think so.I was not the neatest person in the world nor did I keep my uniforms supper neat.

  2. You and all the men and women who have served in the armed services certainly deserve our deepest thanks and gratitude for your time spent in the service of our country…I would like to add my thanks to your list…Mimi

  3. Mimi,I thank you.I also am greatful to live in this country.Granted we have our problems and our differences.Thank God I was born in America. As I told my psych doctor today,If I knew what I know today back that I would still repeat my going in the service,haveing a failed marriage,for it has led me to where I am today with a great woman who is my wife,my friend,and my lover.

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