the 60 Dodge Pheonix

this is very similar to a car that I had owned when I lived in Sacramento Ca. Some dumb fool slammed into the driver’s side rear end and totalled his 71 Oldsmobile.the Dodge suffered a bent taillight and a partially dented side panel.Goes to show that don’t build them like they used to.

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  1. endymion,yep it had a great style.Travis,I have had a couple of Fords that if I had the money I\’d track down those cars, \’65 mustang and a 65 For Galaxy 500LTD those were a couple of great cars that I had owned,I\’ve had good luck with some of the Gm cars that I had.Even had a few Mopars that I loved.

  2. the thing that I really liked about that car was at night those back up lights really made backing up easy,the back up lights were just as big as the brake lights.

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