Gramma hands

J.D. over at had a great posting titiled “Grandma’s Hands” it is a great read,I hope to will go on over to read it.Mike

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  1. HI Mike,You have a nice blog. I love the picture of the dulcimer. Thank you for visiting me. Have a great evening. Now I will go and read Grandma\’s Hands.Best wishes,Renie

  2. What a beautiful post. Thank you for posting a link to it 🙂 In reference to the comment you left at my blog: You poor thing. I can\’t even imagine how frightening that experience was. My encounter was not nearly that traumatic. I\’m so glad you made it out alright and that the deputy was there.

  3. Hello Mike, That is an excellent story. Thanks for sending us over to read it. God bless.Brenda 🙂

  4. Renie,thank you for the compliment.When I read grandma\’s hands I just had to recomend it.Sandy C.when I worked as a clerk I would always have popcorn popping and when the deputies would stop in for a cup of cofee,I would give them a gad pf the popcorn to take with them,so they kinda kept and eye on me,and man I was glad that night that they did.Nick you are welcomed to come to listen to the music any time,it is always there.Brenda,when I see something that grabs me as much as that did I make not of it on my blog so others will go for a visit as well.Thats the way I the saying goes \”give credit where credit is due.\” It is a good way to live.

  5. Mikethanks for the link…it was most interesting…when you look at your hands and think of all that they have done and felt…Mimi

  6. Hi Mike,First of all, thanks for visiting My Asylum…AND commenting. Many visit but are JUST lurkers. It takes a brave one to leave words there.You fell off the wing of a C-130? It that the one they call Hercules? That big turboprop transport bird? Wow! Why didn\’t you just fly off the wing?You must come back so I can link you to some of my previous posts with all the pilots.As for your icon about being CRAZY, I fit right in and feel quite comfortable. Ah-h-h!Here\’s a Senior Senility Prayer:God Grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway..The good fortune to run into the ones I do…And the eyesight to tell the difference.Now, I\’m off to clink the link you provided about Grandma\’s Hands.Love the music, BTW.

  7. Mimi,yes you donot take your hands for granted after readint that posting.If I could I\’d copy it and post it on my site as well. Swampy,we were working on puting a modification on the palne called anti stall weas desighned to help the pilots with keeping the plane level.I steped too closely to the edge of the wing while I was in a hurry to get off the wing and down I went.I love the senility prayer.I\’m going to make note of that one.

  8. Hi Mike!I have read \”Grandmother\’s Hands\” many times and each time it has moved me. A very beautiful read. Thanks for the link to it so I could read it again.I love your playlist also. :-)Have a wonderful Saturday!Blessings,Kimmie

  9. Kimmie,I\’m Glad to put the links up when I feel the ned to \”Gramma\’s Hands\” is one such link that I felt compelled to list.I\’m glad that you enjoy my playlist.I have always enjoyed the 100 songs that is on my list.

  10. hey sweety just a thank you for turning me onto another great blogger. not only is that particular post very touching but he has several other very good points. my blogging world has truly been enriched by knowing you as well as checking out some of your neighbors. have a great day -Allie

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