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I was on suzanne says blogsite and there was a discussion about the eclectoial college.The electorial college was created way too many years ago to be relevant today
My feeling are that todays voters are smarter that when the college was created and since you have to have a majority of the E.C. votes to become president,you can have a candidate who has a majority of the popular vote and still lose the election due to the E.C. voteing for the other guy.So with that being said I think that it is time for the Electorial College to go by the wayside like the dinosaurs did long ago.Thats my story and I’m sticking to it.and I welcome any one disent one this one.Mike

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  1. Oh, I agree 100% that the EC is archaic and needs to be abolished! I was just poking fun at the sheer lunacy of it all… ­čÖé

  2. Good Afternoon Mike,Well, I\’m not much into Politics, but my Dad keeps me informed of everything going on. I mean I do go out and vote, but I get my information from my Dad. He reads the papers and watches the news more than I do, so he pretty much knows whats going on. I have no idea what the EC is. I do know that it\’s not fair when they do have an election and they declare a winner and all the votes aren\’t even in. But, I guess life isn\’t fair. It just gripes my butt tho. That\’s my story and I\’m stickin\’ to it. LOL. I had to LOL about that part of your post. I wasn\’t laughing at your post, it\’s just there is a song called that. Okay, I\’ll hush for now. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.Karen H.

  3. Suzanne I agee there was a time for the electorial collegebut not no more.Karen,I really like the song that had the fraze thats my story and I sticking to it.I have been useing that part for years.I just keep useing it because I like it.

  4. Mike,It is quite alright that you responded to Denise in the comments on my Easter giveaway. I lost my father in 1981 and that was the last Father\’s Day I spent with him. I still miss him after all these years. I have entered you in my Easter giveaway for showing an act of compassion for Denise. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I do hope you will visit again.Blessings,Mary

  5. Yep, this has always baffled me before!!! Politics make my brain hurt though!Hey, thanks for all the wonderful comments on my blog!!!!

  6. the electoral college had nothing to do with the intelligence of voters, but more to do with the lack of media.we\’re surrounded by media now. you can get breaking news on your phone. it IS time for the electoral college to take a hike.

  7. Mike,I agree. It is time for the electoral college to go. It served its purpose, but is no longer necessary or helpful. I\’m glad you brought this up!Tina

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