today was fun.(well maybe)

This Morning my Wife Celestine and I along with her sister Josephine went and got our H1N1 shots.To get to Where they were giving the shots you had to board a bus at a shopping mall and be taken to school,unless of course you were handicapped,that you could go and part at the school.
Because of my seizures I use a wheelchair when I am out and about(falling down while standing up an having one is no fun),needless to say I needed it today.I had at least 4 Partial complex seizures while we were at the school where they were giving the shots.and had several here at home as well.
Needless to say I had a monster of a headache most of the day.when we got home O napped for about 3 and1/2 hours.

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7 Comments on “today was fun.(well maybe)

  1. But you got your flu shot Mike and that's the important thing. You sure don't need the swine flu to worry about. Just saying. Hope the headache is gone too. What a day.Have a terrific rest of the weekend. Big hug. 🙂

  2. Okay Mike, I'm worried. You've not been around all day and you've not approved any comments. I'm worried. Hugs. 🙂

  3. Sandee,you are right,Celestine and I don't need that headache.Mari,I hops so as well.Nessa,that is the way things go for me sometimes.Akelamalu,Let's hope so.Sandee,the computer was giving me grief again.

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