Computer problems and seizures.

well today has been one giant Pain in the You know where,Yesterday we went and got our H1Ni shots,than the computer decided that it did not want to work.Well I killed it and brought it back to life.Than today it still was malfunctioning so I had to kill it again.Than I had a seizure and sleep for about 3 hours.had dinner,and watched the New Star Trek movie on our DVD Player.
I’m still working to get every thing back.I have my AWWW Monday programed to go.I will be spending more time getting this computer back up to snuff,so I will see you all soon.I Promise!!

11 Comments on “Computer problems and seizures.

  1. I would like to kill my computer sometimes, but I don't think we are talking about the same kind of kill. I hope your seizures will leave you for a while so you can rest.

  2. I'm just glad you are okay. Good luck with the computer fixes. I just hate it when the computer has a mind of it's own. Big hug. 🙂

  3. Mari,let's hope the week goes better.Anon Drifter I hope so as well.the sad thing is tha I did not back up the files and picturs that I wanted to use as postings.Finding Pam,well I would like to kill it as well,But in this case the kill was to wipe out every thing in the computer and restore it to the factory setting and say good by to all the files that I lost.Sandee,well the weekend was kind of sucky,with the seizures and having to use the restore disc,but that's life.

  4. Mike, I'm so honored that with all that is going on in your life you took the time to visit me and leave a comment. Thank you so much.I know how it is to deal with computer issues and it sure is a pain but I just hope you are doing okay. Seizure sleep sounds kind of scary.

  5. Diva,there are times I want to drop kick this thing into Lake Erie,but it would be my luck I'de get caught and charged with poluting the lake and or illigal dumping.

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