A note.

To everyone,and Sandee in particular.I consider myself to be an Independent,and Have posted several postings that the right might not be happy with and have not posted many things against the left.For that I am sorry if I have offended. I told myself not to post slanted political things,and am guilty of doing just that.

I humbly offer my appoligies.I will try to be a little more responcible with my postings in the future.

Sandee,In you email to me I do understand that their is a difference of opions between us and I will miss having you as a member of this blog.I do hope that you will continue to visit and comment. I have every intention of visiting your blog and commenting as well.

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6 Comments on “A note.

  1. I'll be here Mike, just like always. I just won't visit the political stuff.Big hug Mike. ­čÖé

  2. Nessa,and Wanda's Wings.there are times I tend to go over board.At least I have not posted a vile rant in a while.

  3. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I often don't agree with you on the political stuff either, so I just don't respond to it.

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