2 awards

Thank you Pink Lady for these 2 awards.I forgot to post thes with all the ranting I did about entre card, well I have one more cheap shot to take at them,I had 22075 ECs when my blog got deleted.

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  1. Mari,I actually got these a couple of days ago,I was too wrapped up in the entre card rants to post them.By posting them they helped me mellow out.

  2. Great on the awards Mike, but I think I'd take up all that EC you lost. Make them prove that you hit the delete button. I think this is so very petty on their part. Shame on them.Have a great evening Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  3. i'm happy that you have accepted these awards MIKE. you are truly one of the real friends i found in the blogging world. i may no longer be as active as i was before in dropping but i do check on you and other friends whenever i have time to blogsurf. if not, i check your updates on my side bar.don't worry about entrecard… let them worry about us. ­čÖé

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