Now this is just unbelievable.

this was sent to me tonight at 9:02 PM
Your account ‘Rambling stuff’ on has been restored. The administrator gave the following reason:


Please contact if you have any questions regarding this action.

this email was sent as a follow up.

Hi Michael,

We would to apologize for the error caused by us. Further investigation shows that you sent us this email below. One of our support reps meant to delete the account you reported below but somehow deleted your account instead by mistake. Your account is active now and we just like to offer you an apology for the mix up.
now that was Very nice of them.

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15 Comments on “Now this is just unbelievable.

  1. Michael,I'm confused as well.they said the deleted my blog in error and restored ot after I protesetd it with some not so kind words. GO FIGURE.

  2. They seriously need to tidy up their system and management. Now that you've decided to leave EC, keep in touch MikeVanillaSeven

  3. Say no more Mike you have your account back and your credits. Makes me almost want to go back. Just saying. I just don't want to pay to keep ads off my site. I do like Entrecard though.Have a terrific evening Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  4. Vanella seven,I'm staying.Sandee,entrecard has it's faults,but what the heck.I'm staying.Mari,I'm Glad they re-instated me.

  5. Mike, I'm glad it all worked out so well for you and I hope today is wonderful with no glitches. I'm glad EC listened to you and the problem is solved.

  6. I'm glad you've decided for now to stay when I started reading your post I thought maybe they deleted you because you removed your widget. It was weird seeing you in my inbox, but without a widget to drop back on. Take care.

  7. Mountain Woman,I hope there are no glitches as well. Jude8753,my gripe is with entre card it's self not the members,that is why I put the widget back up.

  8. I signed up again under a new account. I'm really cheap now. I think 2 EC. Buy me now MIKE. Big hug honey. ­čÖé

  9. Patrick,Entre Caed has it's moments,and it is fun most of the imes as well.Sandee,be right over.PinkLady,Entre card has been a \”fun\” ride this week.

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