Day: October 26, 2009

Prayer Request

I’m posting this request for a fellow blogging friend Cliff. I received this email:The past 24 hours have been very frustrating and tense. We went to the hospital to see Adam this afternoon and he told us he was seeing demons. He also said… Continue Reading “Prayer Request”

In the you got to be kidding catagory.

Now this is totally outragous! Did the trespasser get arrested?  No she wasn’t charged for trespassing on his property (taking a shortcut through his yard).  I guess you cannot do anything in YOUR OWN HOME ANY MORE!!!!! With a tip of the hat to… Continue Reading “In the you got to be kidding catagory.”

this weeks AWWW…Monday is being brought to by my friend ‘Tart.

the Great S.F. Quake,1906

Not in history has a modern imperial city been so completely destroyed. San Francisco is gone.” – Jack London after the 1906 earthquake and fire