my latest award

I got this from Finding Pam.I am greatful for it.there are so many good blogs out there that I cannot decide who to give this to. So it is up for grabs.

6 Comments on “my latest award

  1. Congratulations yet again! You really do deserve the many awards that come your way!

  2. Well, Mike it looks like you took the smart path and gave it out to all. I must admit I was confused by the time I finished posting. I wish I had done it your way.Thanks for the shout out,and may you have a blessed week.

  3. Wanda's Wings,Thank you.Mari,I am humbled and greatful to have the awards that I recieve.Finding Pam,I got so confused as well so I did this my way.

  4. Way to go Mike. I got this from Pam too. Mine will post tomorrow.Have a great evening. Big hugs. ­čÖé

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