Unconscious Mutterings

1)# My treat ::This one’s on me.

2)# Bell ::Liberty Bell.

3)# Five ::as in take five.

4)# You’re crazy ::Just Like a Fox.

5)# Disgust ::what I feel about prejudgice

6)# Tempest ::That was a Pontiac car in the 60’s.

7)# Bummer ::somethings that brings your mood down

8)# Brim ::Hat brim

9)# Hose ::Fine Woman’s Stockings (silk Hose)

10)# Lollipop ::A yummy Treat.

With a Tip Of the Hat to Just Ramblings for this one!
Now it is your turn,do it here or on your site,if you do it on your site let me know so I can come and read it.

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