I found this on Finding Pam’s site and had to post it here as well.

Think carefully about what you will

Be reading

Mary, had a Little Lamb,
His fleece was

White as snow.
And everywhere

That Mary went,
The Lamb was sure

To go.
He followed her

To school each day,
T’wasn’t even in

The rule.
It made the

Children laugh and play,
To have

The Lamb

At school…

And then the Rules all changed one day,
Illegal it Became;
To bring The Lamb

Of God to school,
Or even speak HisName!
Every day got

Worse and worse,
And days turned

Into years.
Instead of

Hearing children laugh,
We heard gun

Shots and tears.
What must we do

To stop the crime,
That’s in our

Schools today?
Let’s let TheLamb

come back to school,
And teach our kids to pray!

If you agree,

Then you know what to do.
God Bless you

With a big Thank You and a Tip of The Hat to Finding Pam For posting this on your site! To All you are welcome to copy this posting for your site as well.

11 Comments on “I found this on Finding Pam’s site and had to post it here as well.

  1. Mike, I sincerely appreciate you posting this post. Thank you my friend and many blessings to you and yours.

  2. Mari,you bet it is.Finding Pam,I am honored to post this one.when I saw it on your site how could I not post this as well.

  3. This was a lovely read..I alwasy enjoy coming to your blog..God bless and hiope you get well soon. I have a bad shoulder at the moment.

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