Sunday and Monday Morning will be fun,NOT! (post #1196)

Oh Boy,Oh Joy.I get the continue on my liquid diet again on Sunday and I get to drink that great stuff to clean me out.I get to have a colonoscopy on Monday.I just hope that every thing will be benign,2 years ago the found some polyps,they were benign.I hope that this time will be the same.
the reason that I have to be on a liquid diet 2 days is to make sure I get totally cleaned out. That did not happen the last time this was done.
I also hope that can keep me well sedated to help keep the seizures to a minimum.

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  1. Mari,when I get back home on monday I have to eat I know exactly what I want for my first solid meal,Poached Eggs on Toast.

  2. There has got to be a better tasting stuff. With all of medicines miracles, I wish that they would come up with something that a person can drink without gagging.

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