1. Mike I am sorry about the comment thing. I also think that you should post whatever you want, and you have the option of deleting comments, so go ahead and post whatever the heck you feel like!! Don't let them win!Maybe I can cheer you up with this?An award is waiting for you over at Candles, Crafts and Whatnot. Congrats!:) Kat

  2. Kat,I intend to do just that.The first thing I did was stop allowing the anon comment option.I'll be over to pick up the award shortly.

  3. I can't stand it when people hide behind something. Speak the hell up and be accountable I say. I am sorry if you took MY comment as anything but satire. I luvs bunnies. Not so much the killing of them. I love their twitching little noses.Your picture was satire!!

  4. A Stich in Thyme,I got your remake.What I did not like was the coward that hid behind a cloke of invisibiltyand said some vile thing to me.

  5. Mike,I agree with you 100%. This is your blog and you can post whatever you like. If others don't like it, they don't have to visit. I like the way you expressed your frustration and hell isn't about to freeze over anytime soon. :-)Blessings,Mary

  6. It's happened to me too Mike. I had to go to comment moderation and remove the anonymous comment option from my blog too.It p*sses me off that someone else has decided what I need to do on MY blog. Still, I decided better that way to protect my readers from reading filth that has been left in my comments.You don't deserve to be treated with anything but respect.

  7. Amen brother… I went to somment moderaton awhile ago to eliminate some anti AA lunatic's ridiculous slamming of our fellowship… I could never get him to actually have an open dialogue so he loses his priviledge of commenting on my blog. I hate that \”crap and run\” commenting stuff too.

  8. i forgot to add that i like Colleen cannot believe someone would attack you of all people personally.I also agree with you. I can't stand it when someone hides behind the anonymous shield.Now I'm off. Sorry for talking so much but I feel like this was a very hurtful thing for someone t do to you!!

  9. Jennifer,well I said that I would allow comments that disagree with my posts,I still will but now I will not allow personal attacks and spammers.Scott,we have to consider the sourse,those kind of commentors are not happy in their life and have to make everyone else as unhappy as they are.Jackie,thosr days are over,I will not be quite as trusting as I once was.

  10. I'm sorry this has happened to you Mike. What's wrong with people anyway. They are cowards if they hide behind the anonymous shield. Just saying.Have a great day. Big hug pal. ­čÖé

  11. Sandee,someone will always be saying really foul thing but now they cannot hide behind the anonympous option.

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