The Beatles – Here comes the sun Friday Flashback

7 Comments on “The Beatles – Here comes the sun Friday Flashback

  1. This is the second time today this song has come up. My daughter was born to me singing this song on the way to the delivery room. Over the PA it was playing and I was in rapid fire delivery mode. 6 minutes from hard labor to delivery so trust me when I say rapid fire. Doc put his hands down and out comes the head. LOLAnyhoo, this song has great meaning to me. Thanks for offering it up for listening.

  2. Here's come the sun…na,na,na,naHere's come the sun…..and I say it's alright…I love this song!!Great pick Mike! I hope you have a terrific day!!big hugs,Jackie:-)

  3. A Stich In Thyme,I'm glad that you enjoyed this song as that it brings back a memory of a special day.Jackie,I was running through my head to day so here it is as a Friday Flashback.Wanda's Wings,thanks for stopping by.

  4. We were so very young when this one came out weren't we? Yes we were. Excellent. I have this one on my MP3.Have a great day. Big hug. ­čÖé

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