Blogger struck again!

I was over at Brenda’s Site.I saw a meme that I wanted to do.and had it filled out and just as I hit the publish post button the damn thing failed to auto save and did not publish as well.WTF blogger?????????? The really bad thing is I do not remember what I had wrote for this meme.

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  1. Sorry Mike. I hate it when this happens. It's a lot of work that goes up in smoke when this happens. Well most of the time.Have a terrific evening Mike. Big hug. 🙂

  2. ooooh! I hate when that happens!! Sometimes you just want to scream! Well, maybe not you, but I do?I'm sorry that you lost it all Mike!I hope the day gets better for you!Take care,Hugs,Kat

  3. Sandee,the really bad part that it such a good list.Kat seeing how it is almost bed time yep the day will get better.

  4. blogger has its days MIKE. it may really be frustrating sometimes but it's all worth it once it's back to its feet again. i have heard a lot of feedback saying blogger is more user friendly than all other platforms. don't worry, there will be better memes in the future. i have become addicted to them myself. hehehesmile mike =)

  5. So sorry Mike but I too have had it happen many times and it is very annoying.It's also one big pain when my cat hits a button and publishes me before the post is complete!!I hope you get it done and have a terrific day!!Hugs,Jackie:-)

  6. PinkLady,that's that way things go sometimes.Just Be Real,I guess I failed to see that the auto save did not work and did not think to hit the save button first.Tamara(TC) Thanks for stopping by the summer is going good.Akelamalu,Oh well stuff happens.Dori,Yep.

  7. Hey Mike, do you know what gives with the Blog List taking like forever to update? Sometimes you could blog and it will not show up on a Blog List until 7 hours later.

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