Digital VS Analog signals.

well folks for the past few years we were being told that a better way of broadcasting signals was coming to TV.The digital signal was far superior to the analog signal.To that I say horseshit!Under the analog signals I never had the TVs picture that was so disjointed and or the signal break up and sometimes just the audio would come through. Now that we have the digital broadcast signal. there are times that I just want to drop kick the knuckleheads that dreamed this up into the ocean with weights tied to their ankles.Oh and thank you F.C.C.( Federal Communication Commission),for forcing this garbage upon the public.I do not know why in the hell I and all of the viewing public got forced into bad television reception that I DID NOT HAVE PRIOR TO THE EFFIN SWITCH OVER TO THE “NEW AND BETTER” SYSTEM. OH I FORGOT THEY PROMISED THAT THE SPORTS BROADCASTS WOULD BE MORE LIFE LIKE.WELL WE GOT LIED TO AGAIN.THE CRAPPY SIGNALS THAT ARE BROADCAST OVER THE AIR SUCK.TO THAT THE ANSWER MOST LIKELY IS GET CABLE TV THAT IS SO MUCH BETTER,YEAH RIGHT.THE ONLY THING SO MUCH BETTER ABOUT CABLE IS MORE MONEY OUT OF MY POCKET AND INTO SOME BIG FAT CAT CABLE EXECUTIVES POCKETS.

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  1. My kid in Boston gets channels now, so it did help some. Not sure why she couldn't get analog, perhaps because she is in a brick building. Is everything set up correctly, Mike? Can you try to reset your channel tuning? Sorry to hear it messed up your signal.

  2. Patrick,there is no such thing as analog TV signals anylonger.the FCC did away with that option.I live in a condo and have a roof antenna.Still certain channels just suck.

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