queen – killer queen

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  1. Freddie Mercury is the best!! He is sorely missed!!! He was a true showman!!Great video!! Thanks for posting it!Hugs,Kat

  2. I really only got into Queen very late, in fact not long before Freddie's demise. They're fantastic!

  3. Weeeee! That's one of my favorite Queen songs. I don't know how I lived most of my life without my crush on Freddie. I only knew about 5 Queen songs (which I always really liked) until 2004 when I bought their Greatest Hits I, II, & III albums… and I've never been the same.Thanks for sharing this video. Made my day.

  4. QUEEN is the champ among the champs. i love this group and every song they recorded. haven't heard this one for a long time. thanks for sharing.

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