Kenny Rogers and the First Edition – Ruby

With a tip of the Hat to the Guys and Gals who served during the Viet Nam war.

11 Comments on “Kenny Rogers and the First Edition – Ruby

  1. What a memory of great times. My brother loves this song and though looking back it should have been a warning, he was up on a table at another brothers wedding Sh*t faced out of his mind singing this song. He was actually quite good. Problem is, he is still sh*t faced out of his mind. Falling into an earlier grave than he should. But at least for a moment, it was a good memory.

  2. A Stich In Thyme,getting sh#t faced is not a good thing.I used to,but have been sober now almost 19 years.I know if I had continued to drink that i would have ended up having a dirt nap way too soon.

  3. Wow, he did this song in the 70s. Awesome. Thanks for posting this. It's stuck in my head now, but that's not a bad thing.Have a great day. Big hug. ­čÖé

  4. Sandee,no it not a bad song to get stuck in one's head it's better that the one that is stuck in mine right now.

  5. It's stuck in my head now too Mike! \”Ruby don't take your love to town…\”…wow what a good memory of the good old days!!happy day,Jackie:-)

  6. AWESOME song. I loved Kenny Rogers when I was a little girl. You couldn't beat him and Dolly Parton together either.

  7. Jackie,I'm glad you enjoyed this song.Jennifer,Thanks you for stopping by.I'm glad I made your day with this one.

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