I say you think

It has been a while since I did one of these. I saw this one on the just Rambling site.and decided to do it as well.

1) Death :: Taxes

2)Identified :: the culprit

3) Saturday :: Live from Ney York it’s Saturday Night.

4) Dumped :: a date gone wrong

5) Division :: Subtraction

6) Stilted ::opinion

7) Crimes :: reported on T.V.

8) Stumped :: can not think of something.

9)Future :: is so bright I gotta wear sunglasses

10) Team :: Team USA

you are next!

7 Comments on “I say you think

  1. 1) Death :: Temporary2)Identified :: Dog Tag.. ew gosh don't know where that came from… but there you go.3) Saturday :: Yard sale4) Dumped :: files5) Division :: Parted6) Stilted ::Circus act7) Crimes :: Prison8) Stumped :: Blank9)Future :: Is not garunteed, so appreciate today10) Team :: Player

  2. A Stich in Thyme,Gret ones thanks for playing along.Tracy,I'm glad that you enjoyed this one.Akelamalu,Thanks for stopping by,I'm glad you enjoyed these.

  3. Great answers! OK, here goes…1) Death :: Sadness2)Identified :: Problem3) Saturday :: YAY!!!4) Dumped :: Load5) Division :: UGH! MATH!6) Stilted ::House (we live near the coast)7) Crimes :: Meaness8) Stumped :: Toe9)Future :: Tomorrow 10) Team :: Player

  4. Death: TransitionIdentified: VisualSaturday: Moviesdumped: trashDivision: MultiplyStilted: CheeseCrimes: TerribleStumped: cleared fieldFuture: BrightTeam: The Human Race (I wish and pray)!!That was interesting Mike thank you. I posted my award last night also.Thanks bunches and I hope you have a terrific week!!Jackie:-)

  5. Jennifer,I like your answers.Thanks for playing alongJackie,good answers as well.Thanks for playing along

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