Prayer request.

Beliefs aside,I have a blogger asking for prayers for a friend of hers.Please pray for KC he was in a bad accident and is paralized and needs out prayers.

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  1. Consider it done Mike. Have the granddaughters this weekend so I won\’t be around as much.Have a terrific weekend. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Thanks Mike. I appreciate this more than you\’ll ever know. He\’s just one of those guys that will do anything for anyone. I was lucky to have him as a neighbor for many years. He just put new brakes on my car…for free, of course last month. I received a forwarded email from my mom a long time ago. It said \”you never know who is praying for you.\” That is just so true. What a wonderful world we live in. :)Thanks again.

  3. Real live lesbian,i always post prayer requests for people when I see them.He sounds like the kind of guy that I\’d like to have as a neighbor as well.

  4. Oh my Mike…this is terrible…I am so sorry to hear this.It is done!!Jackie:-)

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