Day: March 23, 2009


when I started being a realitor after my first sale I treated my selve to repairs to my teeth.bonding was done to give me a better smile.while eating dinner today a chunk of the bonding broke off and I almost swallowed it.I mananged to… Continue Reading “bummer.”

Prayer request.

My blogging friend Valarie Lea has a prayer request and a link to the site for a little baby that needs our prayers.

Do as He’s doing

Hammered Dulcimer – Train of Thought Instead of AWWW…Monday. i putting up some Hammered Dulcimer music that soothes me and lifts my spitirts.

Aww monday.

I really do not have any thing for today.espicially after what has happend this weekend. Even my diet has gone to hell this weekend.

Prayer Request.

I would ask that the family of the victims of the plane crashes be kept in your prayers.I the crashes I’m referring to happen in Montana(17 people including children) and Japan(pilot and co pilot).This saddens me to no end.

Prayer Request.

I hope that every one keeps these officers and their departmant and all the families in their prayers.Authorities said a man pulled over for a traffic stop shot and killed three police officers in Oakland, Calif., on Saturday. Police reversed an earlier announcement that… Continue Reading “Prayer Request.”

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