in the glutton for punishment catagory:

I know why I went and did it.I guess it was a knee jerk reaction the the frustration I was feeling with blogger,I do have a wordpress blog again.Call me crazy and I guess you would be right.

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  1. Mike you crack me up. Blogger is all I know. Have a peaceful Sunday.

  2. Jc,I\’m glad that I can bring a smile to some one.I hope that you have a blessed sunday as well.

  3. WordPress is more difficult, but I like a lot of its features much better. Like the comments and such. More of a dotcom look. Don\’t overdo Mike. Just don\’t overdo.Have a terrific day. Big hug. 🙂

  4. I\’m sticking with Blogger. No matter where you go there will be problems. I\’ve had Blogger for over a year, and have had very few problems till recently due to their changes. FYI- I have great difficulty downloading your blog. I have a very old computer. I hope that you consider streamline things at your new blog home. 🙂 Please keep us informed. Good Luck!

  5. Air,I still will be doing this blog as well.I willl cut down thew number of posts and see if that helps you and others as well.

  6. Hi Mike, Thanks for cutting the posts down. It helps a some, but I still get the pop up sign about the script being busy, and have to press stop for it to load. It took about 8 minutes to load this time.

  7. I have heard really good things about WordPress. Let me know and give me a link if it becomes your primary blog. I\’ll change my sidebar.Hope the upcoming week is a good one Mike.

  8. AIR,this is the best that I can do unless I limit to a couple of days and not posts.Jennifer,this will be my primary blogthat will not change unless I really get a bug up my but,and I will still maintain this blog just be using the other one more.

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