A Rant.

we got almost a foot of snow today.The thing that ealyy P.O’d me was that our snow removal people,did diddly squat most of the day.It was a good thing that we did not have a medical emergency in any of our 40 units of our condo.the street was unplowed and so were the driveways several of us called to complain to our manangement company about the lack of service and lo and behold the bozzo finally did show up.,but instead of useing a full sized plow this fool used a small plow attached to a bobcat. Where is this guy’s brain???

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  1. Well, it\’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight isn\’t it. Sometimes you just have to shake your head in disbelief.Try to have a good day Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. It is nerve racking when the plows don\’t even come out. We ahve really had winter here this year too. Good to see your blogging and commenting again some.

  3. Sandee,YEP.Katherine,I think he was commenting that Kids go to school in tougher weather that what his kids private shut down. Come to think of it we went to school in some brutal winter weather here in Cleveland as well.Nancy,thanks for stopping by.It is easier for me to due when I Quite doing so many different things as I got caugh up in.

  4. Mike,I saw pictures of Washington DC on the news and there was no reason for the school to be closed. I couldn\’t believe it. Of course they aren\’t used to snow. It\’s been snowing here for 22 hours now and the snow plow just went now. The reason being our city didn\’t allow enough money in their budget for removing all the snow we\’ve had this winter. We\’ve had 125 centimeters, which is 49.2 inches and that was before this snowfall, so we\’ve had a nice amount of snow, but in increments and not all at once. We did have one big snowfall.Stay safe and warm. I\’m not sure why he would have used a bobcat, but probably it is better on fuel. The city uses those to clear snow from sidewalks along and in parks.Take care, my friend.Blessings,Mary

  5. Tracy,Let\’shope so.Mary,to be fair it was some of the private schools that closed the public ones stayed open.

  6. Oh my not even a pick-up with a blade attached?I do understand the frustration after living in Maine for a decade.I hope things are better now. But please keep your chin up. As we both know all things eventually pass.It\’s just the waiting that is so hard for some of us that makes me crazy.We got covered in ice. and of course here in southern Oklahoma there really aren\’t any kind of major salting or anything.We just wait till it melts. Today the sun is bright and we are supposed to warm up through the weekend.I sure hope they\’re right because I need to go to the store and I don\’t drive on ice ever!Thanks again Mike for just being who you are. I hope you truly know how many lives you touch.Big hugs and I hope you have a happy day,Jackie:-)

  7. Wanda\’s wings,pehaps you are right.thanks for stopping by.Shinade,that is what I ment about needing a full sized plow.My neice Allisan and her husban Tom live outside of Oklahoma city.

  8. Well I live in Rittman and yesterday we got what is usually reserved for the snow belt. So instead of making that 46 mile drive to the east side of Cleveland, I took a snow day.Thanks for your visit, Mike.Cliff

  9. My street remains snow covered. I\’m glad I can\’t drive at the moment. I would be very frustrated if I could.

  10. Nick,as least out street finally did get cleaned. there is still a parking ban in effect in Cleveland for the snow crews can clear all the street up.

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