A Prayer request

I was asked by a blog friend Awake in Rochester to post a prayer request for a friend of her’s who has daughter is fighting cancer.Please add her your prayers,thank you!

This is a link to the person asking for prayers as well. The Magic Of Integrated Circuits: pray for MARY, please!

6 Comments on “A Prayer request

  1. Hi Mike,It is done! Oh my it seems as everywhere I go as of late someone is dealing with cancer.My SIL is fighting again for the 3rd time. But, so far so good.Big Big extra special hugs for you,Jackie:-)

  2. Also Mike thank you for keeping me in your prayers and for your wonderful visits.Your support and understanding along with answered prayers seems to have done the job.I haven\’t even been to my DR. yet and I am feeling so good again!!God bless you. you are such a loving and kind soul!!Hugs again,Jackie:-)

  3. Sandee,I know I can always count on you for prayers when I post a request,Thank you for being such a wonderful person.Shinade,thanks for the prayers for mary,I will keep you SIL in my prayers as well.I\’m glad that you are feeling better.I know I have my bad days as well.

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