thanks to Hit-or-Miss

As stated Thank you Hit-or-miss for these that l awards from her site. I thank you.

Now to give these away. I’m giving these away to all my regular commentor’s on my site.

17 Comments on “thanks to Hit-or-Miss

  1. Thanks for always thinking of your regulars Mike. It\’s appreciated very much.Have a terrific Friday and weekend my friend. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Mike,You are so deserving of the awards and thank you for passing them on. Hope all is well with you.Blessings,Mary

  3. All very well deserved awards, Mike.By the way…your 2009 guy over there is a little scary. In a \”Elvis going through withdrawls\” kinda way.

  4. Thank you Mike for these wonderful awards! Hugs my friend. You have blessed my life so much since knowing you. I thank the Lord for such a wonderful set of blogger friends. Blessings my friend.

  5. hope you enjoyed the awards.. ;)and i have to agree w/ grandy. the 2009 guy does look scary. hehehe

  6. Tracy,I\’m glad you enjoyed the awards and that you so highly of me. there was a time in my life that I was not that great of a person to be around.Storyteller,I\’m glad to give away and and all the awards that I have.Thank you for being a friend of mine.Blanne,Yep he is a little scarry,but I have seen a lot worse, and I\’ll talk about the Jailed inmates later.

  7. Mike, Just stopping by to say hello and I hope you are doing well. I read your post about computer addiction. It is hard to walk away from the dang thing, huh? It is such a wonderful way to connect with others. I am way too into Twitter but I do take days off every now and then. ;-)Take care and hugs,Tamara

  8. TC,I have tried to cut back on twitter and Entre Card but have been unsuccessful so I just have to stop all together,if not I\’ll spend hours and hours on twitter and entrecard alone.

  9. Dear Mike,They are beautiful awards and thank you for giving them out!:) I understand about wanting to spend less time on the computer (I really hope this helps your seizures). I am thankful for real blogger friends like you. I pray for you and your seizures. I truly hope that you have a Great Day.Sincerely,Tart

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