Goodbye Mr. Roarke

Ricardo Montalban, the Mexican-born actor whose credits included the hit television series “Fantasy Island,” dies at 88.
Montalban played island host Mr. Roarke on the series, which ran from 1978 to 1984. The show also starred the late Herve Villechaize, who played Roarke’s diminutive assistant, Tattoo.
Tattoo was noted for yelling the phrase, “The Plane! The Plane!” as guests arrived on the island at the beginning of each program.
Montalban’s death was announced at a meeting of the city council in Los Angeles by president Eric Garcetti, who represents the district where the actor lived. No cause of death was revealed.
Montalban also appeared in films, including “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” where he reprised the role of the villain Khan which he originated in the “Star Trek” television series.
His other film credits included the “Spy Kids” trilogy and “Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.”
On television, he guest-starred on many shows including “Ironside,” “Gunsmoke” and “Hawaii Five-O,” and was a cast member on “The Colbys.” He won an Emmy in 1978 for his supporting role in the series “How the West was Won.”
Most recently, Montalban recorded voice roles for the animated shows “Kim Possible” and “Family Guy.”
Montalban also was a stage actor, and was nominated for a Best Actor Tony Award in 1958 for his role in “Jamaica.”

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  1. I watched that show every week. It was indeed a nice escape from the work world. Since you and I did basically the same thing you know just what I mean.Hope you are feeling better. Have a terrific day Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Mike,Yes, Ricardo Montalban died earlier today. I remember watching Fantasy Island. It wasn\’t my favorite show, but others in the household at that time liked it.Thanks for passing on the news. Hope you are doing well. Keeping you in my prayers.Blessings,Mary

  3. I heard the news this morning and felt saddened at this loss. Hope this is a good day for you.Hugs and blessings,

  4. Akelamalu,I am going to continue to blog and visit with my friends.I\’m just getting rid of some stuff that I really do not need to do.Storyteller,Mr.Montalban was a good actor and a great man.He will be missed.

  5. Interesting how upon hearing this news I was instantly transported back in time to when Fantasy Island was airing. Let us not forget the infamous, \”Fine Corinthian leather\” phrase too.

  6. Jeff B. He was a well rounded actor that was capable of playing many different roles.They don\’t make them like that any more.

  7. I thought I was the only one who remember that whole \”fine corinthian leather\” line for the car voiceover…thanks to Jeff, I know I am not alone!It\’s sad when the truly classic actors leave us…not a lot of younger guys will ever be able to take their places…they can try, but…nope. not going to happen.

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