I want to call attention to a site.

I found a great site to visit, Clean and Sober.It is especially for those that struggle with additions as I have. for those that know someone like my self it is a great site to visit as well.

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  1. I was visiting through your site and listening to Hank Snow when I ran across a link that you reccomened for those in addiction. I thought that i should check it out and as I was searching for the place to click I realized that it was MY blog you were recommending. I am greatly humbled by that fact and all I can say is that it is not me but Jesus Who should be praised for the site you are referring others to. i truly enjoyed your blog and I humbly thank you for this.

  2. Mike,I\’m glad you found this site and hope that you continue to enjoy visiting. I would like to wish you and Celestine a Merry Christmas and a happy, health and prosperous New Year. May God send abundant blessings your way, even in these hard times.Blessings,Mary

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