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I’m not sure if sitting in front of this computer as long as I do is contributing to my seizures. So I decided to cut down the time I sit here.Let’s see if this helps my seizures by not sitting here and staring at the screen so much.

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  1. I never thought of that. Perhaps the computer could certainly be a contributing factor. Definitely take it easy and rest those eyes.

  2. Bless your heart. I know it would be nice to know what is causing it but I know you love reading blogs like I do. Maybe you will find out that it is something else.Be blessed.

  3. Good to try and pinpoint anything that might contribute to your seizure problem. Have a great week, Mike.God bless,Brenda 🙂

  4. Oh Mike I hope you enjoy your little break. I simply had to take a break over the weekend too.I was actually starting to feel ill myself from sitting in front of this thing all day and night.Sending prayers for you!!Hugs,Jackie:-)

  5. Mari,Momisodes(Sandy),Jennifer,Brenda,Sandee ans Shinade.I still will be useing the computer.I just may not be visiting as much as I used to. the other option is not to sti too long in front of the computer and not use it for a couple of hours before bedtime.

  6. Ya know I did not think of that, but it could be something like that. I know that flashing lights will sometimes cause a seizure to happen.

  7. That sounds like a good reason to try and get off the computer. I hope it works for you, Mike. Hugs to you.Tart

  8. It sounds like a good idea to try this out. I hope that it helps you Mike. Take good care of yourself. {{hugs}} 🙂

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