Pearl Harbor day.

The USS Arizona Memorial Pearl Harbor is an underwater tomb of 1.177 Sailors and Marines that were killed when Pearl Harbor was attacked on 12/07/1941. We must never forget to honor the men and women that gave their lives in this attack.
As well as to Honor all who gave their lives in World War 2.

I would like to add this.When one of the survivors of the attack on this great ship passes away.his cremated remains are interred with his shipmates.This will be done untill all of the survivors rejoin their shipmates.

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  1. Thanks for reminding me what today is.I have never been to Hawaii. This is a very good photo. I didn\’t realize one could see the Arizona just under the water.Mama Bear

  2. I didn\’t know that about the remaining survivors. It\’s lovely– sad, but lovely.

  3. That\’s very touching and fitting about the remaining survivors.I have been seeing stories about this war on the History Channel for the past few months (I\’m a History Channel junkie). As in all wars, so unfortunate how many lost their lives in this battle.

  4. Mike – thanks for the reminder on Pearl Harbor Day. I never knew the part about the survivors ashes being interred there also.

  5. Anndi,you are welcome,thanks for stopping by.Love Bears All Things,I was surprised to see that much of the ship as well.It all depends on how much the silt in the water is stirred up I guess.Bipolarlawyercook, I found out about this a few years back when Nova did a special about the ship.Fitness Diva,If I could afford the service I'd be watching the history and discovery channels a lot.Mari, when I would be at an A.A. meeting I would mention Pearl Harbor every Dec &th. It is that important to me. Dad was listening to the radio when they announced the attack.

  6. It IS important to remember this day in our history … so reminders like yours are lovely tributes.Hugs and blessings,

  7. I wasn\’t born yet when this happened but of course we learned about it in school and I\’ve also read much about it. A very sad day indeed. I\’d never seen that picture…how touching it is. I love that they\’re interring the ashes of the survivors as they pass away, with their shipmates. xox

  8. Thank you for this picture.I have never seen one like it of the Pearl Harbor Memorial.I looked at it for a long time, to burn it into my memory.

  9. I didn\’t know that this is the way they were doing this. Do the survivors have a choice? It really is a special way of handling the tragedy that happened at Pearl Harbor. I believe this is probably a really special service, a fitting end to a hero\’s life. Thanks for sharing this.Love and Blessings,AngelBaby

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