Celebrate a life.

My blogging friend Mary,has a posting that I need to share with you.Her Aunt May has gone home to our Lord. Please go and Celebrate the life that has returned to our Lord.

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  1. Mike,Thank you so much on the kind and loving comments you made when I posted that Aunt May had passed. I appreciate your friendship and support and thank you also for posting about Aunt May\’s passing in such a kind and loving way. Blessings,Mary

  2. Hi Mike,What\’s up?… thanks for coming over and visiting my long unattended to blog. You are so kind with your heartfelt comments to Mary. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! I\’m going down to Indy to my daughter\’s in-laws. They are always so kind to me to include a poor little ole lonely man.Take care and I\’ll catch you later.The Bach

  3. Bach, thanks for stopping by,I just trying to get through each day. I hope you have a Great Thanksgiving as well.

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