You say I think.

1. Please stop ::over some time
2. Move over ::don’t hog the couch
3. Sweet as ::honey
4. Bet ::you bet your life-Groucho Marks show
5. Mad about ::you,a tv show
6. It’s over ::between us.
7. Intend to ::clean up my office.
8. Blame ::”it on the rain”
9. Jefferson ::Davis
10. Heartless :: Banks that are preditory lenders.

Your turn to do this,you have a choise to do this here or on your blog.

1. Please stop ::
2. Move over ::
3. Sweet as ::
4. Bet ::
5. Mad about ::
6. It’s over ::
7. Intend to ::
8. Blame ::
9. Jefferson ::
10. Heartless ::

10 Comments on “You say I think.

  1. 1. Please stop ::by and visit sometime2. Move over ::you\’re crowding me3. Sweet as :: a peach4. Bet ::ya a dollar5. Mad about :: Mary6. It’s over :: at last! who won?7. Intend to :: sometime8. Blame :: it on me again!9. Jefferson :: High school10. Heartless :: one who just doesn\’t care for others.

  2. Hi Mike!I like your 2nd answer…that\’s so true. And my hubby this morning said the same as you for #9Hope your Sunday was terrific, thanks for stopping by.

  3. Mimi, your #9 is good I went to Thomas Jerrerson Jr. High school.Anni, that is what poped into my head so that is what I put down.

  4. I always enjoy reading your mutterings and my favorite today is #4 … You bet your life!!! Looks like we agree on #5. Thanks for playing ;–)Hugs and blessings,

  5. Loved your #2 too!1. Please stop ::to smell the roses 2. Move over ::red rover? 3. Sweet as :: pie4. Bet ::I can do this5. Mad about :: nothing6. It’s over ::the top7. Intend to ::make a difference8. Blame ::me…it\’s my fault!9. Jefferson :: ,Thomas10. Heartless ::people need serious help!That was harder than I thought!Have a great week.Brenda 🙂

  6. 1. Please stop :: I\’m ticklish there2. Move over :: Your big arse is taking up the whole couch3. Sweet as :: pure maple syrup4. Bet :: your sweet aunt Harriet5. Mad about :: nothing, life\’s too short6. It’s over :: cause the fat lady is breaking out in song7. Intend to :: is no excuse mister8. Blame :: it on the dog9. Jefferson :: smefferson10. Heartless :: and mean as hell

  7. 1. Please stop :: poking me. 2. Move over :: bacon (make way for \’Sizzlean!\’)3. Sweet as :: honey baked beans 4. Bet ::these answers sound funny!!5. Mad about :: ?? 6. It’s over :: WWII7. Intend to ::go out of the house today8. Blame :: the purple pandas (told ya it didn\’t make sense)9. Jefferson ::Starship/Airplane 10. Heartless :: wonder. How can people be this way?I was feeling playful!:) I hope you have a Good Day, Mike! Hugs!!Tart

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