A New Goodie!

Mari,Thank you for this one.since she has given this to all here commentors,I will do so as well. All I ask in when you post it on your site is that you say thank you to me for this one.I hope every one has a great weekend.

6 Comments on “A New Goodie!

  1. Congratulations Mike and oh dear this reminds me that someone also gave this award to me.And I have no clue who it was or where it is.Yikes I\’m in trouble now. I don\’t want to hurt someone\’s feelings!!Oh dear maybe it will come to me.Blessings this Sunday to you and your wife!!:-)

  2. Shinade, this is the secod or maybe the third time I have recieved this one.If you cannot remember who gave it to you just post it and be honest that you don\’t remember who gave it to you.

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