Glenn Miller- In the Mood

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  1. Mike,I love Glenn Miller. His music was something to listen to, even though he was before my time. We often listened to this type of music on the radio when I was young.Thanks for posting this.Blessings,MaryPS. See comment on post below.

  2. Mary, even though he was before my time,Mom and Dad used to listen to his music,and occaisionally I would catch them dancing to it as well.

  3. Back to listen again as I run around the web.I used to work as an electronics salesman when I was 21. We played Glenn Miller all the time. Everyone loved it, and people would filter back to the audio room to hear it play.

  4. Glenn Miller was one of my Dad\’s favorite bands. He and my Uncle Evan would go to see him play here in Cleveland when He was here.

  5. Now this is music Mike. I\’ve always loved Big Band. My parents loved it as well. That\’s how I learned to appreciate it as well. Awesome. Big hug. ­čÖé

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