today has not been fun

Today has not been fun. Ive had a few seizures.I know that I have not talked about them in a while.I still have them but have not said anything about it. To boot I was watching the news hour on PBS and they were talking about the rash of suicides in the military especially in the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans that keep getting deployed. They act like this is totally new,that is Bull! Military servicemen and women have always had problems dealing with the stuff the have seen and done.
I ought to know. I started being suicidal when I was in the service during the Viet Nam era. The Veterans Administration and the military’s answer to this problem has been to say that it is a personality disorder! That is what they said about me on paper, the effing schrink said to me that I was manic depressive and that I’m on my own that he was not going to give me any disability. Nor did it count that I became suicidal while in the service and an alcoholic to boot. Yes I’m bitter about this and yes I need to get over it,the service is what caused these problems and to say that it was a personality disorder caused by prior service is a crock!I’m still fighting with the Damn V.A. over this one. For the government to say they now care for the current service people is a EFFING crying shame. They sure as hell did not care about us who served during that war.Oh I forgot we lost that one and so there for we do not count. I guess I should be grateful that they did erect a monument to that war showing the dead and missing.the living well who gives a damn about them.
DO NOT GET ME WRONG,I PROUDLY SERVED THIS COUNTRY,AND WOULD DO IT AGAIN!!! even if I knew what the outcome would be. I served as many of my family have done ever since my ancestors have when they came to this country in the 1800’s

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  1. Mike,I\’m sorry you are still suffering the seizures. I continue to pray for you.I know a few Canadians who volunteered for the Vietnam War and they all have problems of one type or another. Some do get US military pensions – some don\’t. It was a terrible time in our history and the men and women who saw duty there were all heroes.I pay tribute to all veterans and those who are now deployed fighting for our freedom.Blessings,Mary

  2. mike, so sorry to hear you had a bad day. Hope things get better real soon. Nice tribute to our Veterans. You should have signed up for FM that was the topic. Hang in and keep the faith! I love your play list, you have some really good tunes!

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