With a new president,may we see the steps to peace,the end of wars. I would like to think that this is a possibilty in out lifetime. AS MY GLOBE SAYS MAKE PEACE AND LOVE NOT WAR.
Now to talk about a troubling email that I recieved from a friend of mine that was deleted as soon as I read it. I do not believe that our New President will be a weak one.,as the email suggested.I do not believe that the end of the world is at hand as the email suggested.
I believe that a new page has been turned a change to reverse the course of this country that maybe just maybe we will see better times new laws preventing what has happened with the great amount of forclosures,the failings of the wall street “boys” that took the money from every body and left America holding the bag for their excesses. This I believe will happen,especially if the Democrats and Republicans and the Independ people of our great country come together as one as we did on Sept 12,2001.
Let’s make it happen! Let’s make peace a goal.
John Lennon said it best” All we are saying is give PEACE a chance”
This is my thoughts this blog blast for Peace! Respectfully,Michael J. Golch.

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  1. Well said Sir! I received some discouraging feedback today as well. It got me down for a bit.But I listened to the speech again. And I talked to some friends. And I am inspired once again.Peace!

  2. Thank you for sharing ;–) Thich Nhat Hanh teaches that ‘Peace is in every step’ … a choice in every instant no matter what’s happening around or within us. As each of us blogs for peace today, we join our minds and hearts together to create this reality in our world.Hugs and blessings,

  3. Yay! Give peace a chance! Love how you incorporated your dulicmer in the globe. Peace & love to you :o)

  4. Of course I had to see your Peace Globe!! I think regardless of who we voted for, we have to get behind our president and pray for him and not speak ill of him. The time is NOW for unity as a country. We have to SEEK peace and be able to live together, even with differing beliefs and values. PEACE.Be blessed Mike.

  5. Amen. Let\’s give peace a chance. I personally think peace has a better chance today than it did a week ago. I am hopeful that our better angels may get to sing.

  6. Nick,Patty,Ferd,Travis,Hootin-Anni,Storyteller,Ivanhoe,Tink,Jennifer,Sandee,and Raven,Thank you all for stopping by with your great comments. Peace be with you and your families from My Celestine and I.

  7. Thank you for visiting. Peace to you and yours. Hopefully, the \’friend\’ you speak of will come to understand that we are ALL part of making times better. It\’s not just one man, one President. He has the ability to bring alot of people together and then we can HELP him make the country and the world a better place.p.s. couldn\’t find your link for your books on shelfari. Mine is on my sidebar.

  8. Unfortunately, Mike, there are those who have no interest in finding a way to be hopeful about the future with Obama as President. That is truly sad. I agree with you…it\’s time to give Peace a chance.Nice post and I hope you have a blessed, Peaceful day!

  9. chrystalchick,I get that link up soon.Tamara,thank you.Shanon H.thanks for stopping by and peace be with you.Lee.we just have to keep trying and that is all we can do.Akelamula,I\’m glad you like the globe,I would not have it if Travis had not made it for me.

  10. Love you globe Mike!! Thanks for stopping in last night.Today is so much better!!Peace and love to you!!:-)

  11. Gandolf & Greyson,thank for you comment.Babs,Peace be with you as well.Shinade,Glad that you enjoyed the globe.Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Mike, This is a great peace globe. Drop by when you have a chance. Hope you are doing well.Blessings,Mary

  13. Mike,Be sure to drop by my Writing Nook and pick up a copy of the awards and the Thanksgiving button.Blessings,Mary

  14. wonderful post and I got an e-mail much like the one you describeI just deleted it as well, I\’m not going to be baited into silly arguementspeace and positive thinking will prevail 🙂

  15. I love the dulicmer on your peace globe, Michael. Music is an important part of my life (I sing in a choir) and I always feel most strongly connected to my fellow human beings when I\’m singing.I\’m glad you deleted the fear-mongering email you received – the hawks are infuriated with the doves right now. Happy Blogblast For Peace Weekend!

  16. Change is difficult to accept… but in time, we will overcome.Lovely words Mike… just lovely.

  17. Diane,I do not buy the they are gonna take my money and give it to the poor.It is about time that they pay their fair share that\’s all I ask.Julia Smith, it has been said music calms the beast inside of us.I believe this.Anndi,YES WE CAN!

  18. Love what you said! What a great peace post and thanks to our friend, Travis, for assisting with the globe.Peace to you and yours,Mimi

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