I saw this elsewhere,and decided to do the same thing!

The rules are simple
1) link to the person who gave you this award Sandee Gave it to me.

2) nominate at least seven people that you want to give this to.

3) put a link to the blog that you are giving this to.

4)Let them know that you gave this too them.

Since I’m giving this to every body that visits me,they are linked in my comments,and they know that I awarded this to them. (I know I’m taking the easy route)

11 Comments on “I saw this elsewhere,and decided to do the same thing!

  1. SORRY I HAVE BEEN AWAY SO LONG!!!!I got WAY out of whack with my blog visiting. Lots of stuff in the real world to contend with – and not near as much fun as Blogland. I hope that you are doing well! Be blessed Mike. I am going to read some more and get caught up with you.Jen

  2. Jennifer, I can relate to things being out of whack in the real world. the real world me was not a whole heck of a lot of fun recently for me either.I\’m glad that you enjoy the award.

  3. You are so kind Mike! Sometimes the easy way is just the only way to go. Especially when we struggle just to get through our days. 🙂 Big Big Hugs & Many Blessings,Kimmiexo

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