Day: August 16, 2008

I did it!!

Well Folks I have just completed my Continuing Education. Now when I get my Certs in the mail I can send them to the State and pay my renewal fee. and my licence is safe for 3 more years.

In the year 2525 {exordium and terminus} by Zager and Evans I liked this song when it came out.I saw this on someone’s site and decided to post it to my site as well.

Amy Grant Baby Baby

Cardboard Testimonies I saw this on Mari’s site and I decided to post this on my site as well. It is a great message

An update

Just to let every one know that I am close to completing my continuing education classes.So I will be visiting real soon. For those that have an ENTRECARD and can not find me I can be found in Mixed bag, or by using the… Continue Reading “An update”

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