what the heck,I might as well make a fool out of myself.

What the heck I might as dig me a big hole and jump in it,Or I’m gonna stick my foot in my mouth.Your choice.
Here goes,this election will be interesting. on the Democratic side we have a black guy with an old Guy for his VP. on the republican side we have an old guy with a woman for his VP. this being said no matter who get elected there will be a first for our country. A Black President or A female Vice president. either way we will have a first for our country! It is your choice America! God Bless theUSA!

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  1. Yep, either way this will be history making!Now the question remains… do we buy tickets to leave the country or not? 😉 Just kidding. It will be monumental to say the very least.Part of me is exicted to see how this turns out. And then another part of me has apprehensions to how society itself will react.The most interesting part… other countries are watching us quite closely to see what happens. I pray we all remember to vote based on agendas, plans, and who will best run our government- and not based on race or gender.

  2. irish coffeehouse said it before I could — hopefully, we\’ll base our votes on agendas rather than race and gender.We\’re already hearing static about how the nation could redeem itself by putting a black guy in office. What a bunch of nonsense.Race and gender ought not figure in when it comes to deciding who will be a good public servant.Visit The Natural State Hawg!

  3. i just hope that america decides well, i hope the color won\’t really matter. good luck

  4. this is indeed going to be a very interesting year…we just have to remember that whichever set that God wants to win will win…However, remember sometimes He put evil kings in place in order to accomplish something that He knew the world needed…Pray before you vote!!!

  5. IC said it perfectly! I think American\’s are very tuned in for this election, for a change. Its about time an election had this much interest in it. It really does matter!!! Our country is depending on who ever wins this election. Thats BIG!Hugs and Prayers To You Mike!Love,Kimmiexo

  6. Mimi, and Kimmie, I just hope that the negitive tactics do not sway the votes,but than again the candidates will say any thing to get elected. That tactic has been around so long that it stinks.

  7. A person of character willing to vote for what they think is right, instead of what will get them re-elected would win my undying respect…even if I disagreed with them.

  8. You didn\’t make a fool out of yourself. You are absolutely right. It will be a first no matter who is elected. Have a great day sweetie. Hope you and yours had a great holiday weekend. Big hug. 🙂

  9. Lee, I would like to sse a chang in direstion of this country. I\’m tired of all the red ink that has flowed out of Washington D.C.over the past 8 years. It is time for new blood.Sandee, we are doing OK. My other computer has rtaken a powder and so My cousin is trying to revive it for the second time.I\’m afraid the maybe this time the hard drive bit the dust.

  10. I just hope people pay attention to the actual issues and candidate\’s stances. If you don\’t like Bush, that doesn\’t mean don\’t vote for McCain. If you are black, that doesn\’t mean vote for Obama. If you are a woman, that doesn\’t mean vote for Palin as VP.People need to vote with their head, not heart.

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