doing some house keeping

I have begun to do some house keeping on this site. I have had a problem of it locking up on I started to remove some of the awards. I’ll be putting them up on my awards addition of the rambling stuff site.

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  1. Wow Mike! You posted some really good videos! Sloop John B and Mountain of Love are both awesome. I like going to YouTube too but I look for clean comedians that my kids and I can watch together!Take care.Jen

  2. Jennifer,ther are a lot of \”Clean\” comedians on you tube. unfortunaly they are the guys that for the most part hve departed the place and gone home to our father.that\’s my story and I\’m sticking to it!

  3. Mike,Wow! I walked away from my reader for a couple of days and you have been busy. You dug up some really cool stuff from You Tube. I definitely going over there today and checking it out. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.Take care…Tamara

  4. Just dropping by to wish you a great day Mike :)Hope you get all the housecleaning done.

  5. TRamara, i just enjoy diving into You Tube just because I can find such good stuff!Sandra, I think i have gotten it done. I had a section up that showed every body\’s posting from my reader between the awards and the reader posting this site was freezing up so out with all of that stuff. The award stuff I\’ll be putting it up on my Rambling Stuff Awards Edition.

  6. Are you using Internet Explorer? I used to have mine lock up all the time. I\’m now using Firefox3 and I love it. Just saying. ­čÖé

  7. Sandee, I use the firefox 3 as well and believe it or not it will lock up on that as well. A fellow blogger had this problem and when the awards were taken off the site did not lock up. Plus I have loaded this up with a lot of videos and I think that slows down the site as well.

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