Thanks to an EFFIN SPAMMER

Thank to an EFFING SPAMMER I now have to resort to comment moderation.I wish there was a way to block these A**holes from my site. I will probably have to resort to this tactic as well on my word press site. Thanks a lot you effing jerk!!!!!!

I know this is not being very Christian of me,it it just I had to spend a lot of time deleting over 30 remarks from a spammer. I do not know why blogger let this Thu.but I for one do not want this garbage on my site. If I have to I will make this site invitation only.If I can not control the spammers!! Blogger oh blogger why is this happening.thank God for strong spam filters on my word press site! Why blogger seems to have so lax of one just baffles my mind.

4 Comments on “Thanks to an EFFIN SPAMMER

  1. I\’m sure you know that we had this problem over at SHSNE. We added some program (and by we I don\’t mean me, I\’m not near that technically able) that seems to be similar to a junk mail box in your inbox.Spammers irk me. But I do wonder if people actually click on any of their \’recommended\’ websites? Interesting…

  2. I have never clicked on one of those \”recomended\” site for all I know the site is just a front for a virus infection.

  3. I can understand your frustration Mike….I don\’t mind typing an extra word after entering my comment. :-)Lou

  4. that\’s why I put in the comment approval.this way I donot have to frustrate myself by typing in the word verifications just to post my own comment on my own site.

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