The refurbished me.

since I took time time off to recharge my batteries and had a visit with God. I have decided to add to my sign off,I have added Hugs and God’s blessing.I think it will help me stay grounded to where I need to be.

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  1. Mike,I\’m glad you are doing better and are almost up to speed…we all get down once in a while and need to be reminded that God is still there waiting for us to ask Him for help during these down times…I pray for you as you deal with your seizures and other health problems.Blessings,Mimi

  2. Akelamalu,I\’m glad that I took the time to talk to my heavenly Father and ask for his guidence.Mimi,I feel that I still have a long road to go though.By the grace of God I\’ll make it.On June 24 2008 I posted a link to Mark,a man who\’s road in as bad of a road anyone can be on,I fell that he is showing the true spirit that we all can learn from.He refuses to give up as his blog clearly shows.I will just keep taking things on day at a time.and if that is too much I\’ll switch to 5 a time.I have had to do that as well.

  3. Mike,I read the post below and am so glad that you are reading your Big Book and hope you are reading your Bible as well. Yes, our Father watches over us and He can definitely keep you on track. Thanks so much for visiting me and leaving the comment. I think we will paint the bathroom while it is empty.Blessings to you and your family. I continue to pray for you.Mary

  4. Your sign off is YOU! I always enjoy hearing from you and the way you sign your comment always sounds very up beat.GOD IS GOOD! I\’m so glad that you feel that way too!Jen

  5. Mary,Thank you for stopping by.Jennifer,I try to be upbeat,it sure beat wher I end up some times,I hate that road when I\’m on it.Wanda,You are on my prayer list.

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