I’m doing better.

I know I only took a day off,the burn out started on the 24Th,and yesterday I stopped the reader and the blogs on this site as well as the word press site.

I had asked God to guide me,and heal me.I ended up diving into my Big Book,that I got from A.A. that seemed to help me a lot.

So now If I find myself feeling like I did.I’ll be in prayer and doing a bunch of reading as I did.

Thank you Father for your guidance.

I’m back in business on the word press site as well. as you may have noticed I went on a you tube posting rampage,that helped me as well.
Coffee pots on let’s have a cup together.

I also wish to anounce that there has been some new blog roll neighbors that have been added.

here they are;Hula Girl, Irene, Lee, Sage Grey, Sandee ,Tamara If you get a chance go over and say Hi and tell them I sent you.

4 Comments on “I’m doing better.

  1. Hey Mike, just wanted to stop by and say hey. I do appreciate you stopping by the blog. I\’ve got such slow dialup that it\’s hard for me to visit and make the rounds anymore. Hugs,Rosie

  2. Some days are a struggle. I stand in agreement with on seeking God\’s guidance. Try to keep your chin up Mike. You are a ray of Sonshine in Blogland!Be blessed my Friend!Jen

  3. Jennifer,I just try to take it one day at a time that is how I have been sober since Dec.17,1990.

  4. Mike, I\’m a little slow on the uptake, but thanks for the link. I\’ll be returning the favor.

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