Norman Greenbaum – Spirit In The Sky

5 Comments on “Norman Greenbaum – Spirit In The Sky

  1. I love this song! It is one of my very favorites. Ty for sharing! Hugsssss ! ­čÖé

  2. Thank you Mike Golch and Norman Greenbaum for starting my morning in a beautiful melodic way, and the video you have shared here is something you can drift away in, travel to \’nice thoughts land\’!

  3. Tracy,I enjoy this song as well.Thank you for stopping by.Daffy,I thnk you for stopping by as well it is always good to meet a new friend. I had an old saying that I used to use. there are no stangers in this world just friends I have not meet. I\’ll be over for a visit in a few.

  4. Hi Mike,Hey you \”Spirit in the Sky\” guy… thanks for visiting my post today. I can\’t remember seeing you there before, but I\’m glad you stopped in. We were in the USAF about the same time… 1969-72 for me. I was stationed at Grissom AFB in Indiana, Shemya Alaska, and SAC Hdqtrs in Omaha, NE. Good to hear from you. Hows Cleveland these days? My son is attending graduate school at Kent State. Hope you have a great weekend and we can catch each other soon. God bless :)Later,The Bach

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