Day: June 25, 2008

I’m getting burned out.

I think I’m suffering burn out.I’m stopping reading my reader.I can not handle the bad news I have been reading lately. So therefore I’m shutting down reading the posting and stopping the posting on my sites as well. for the time being. I need… Continue Reading “I’m getting burned out.”

Prayer request.

Lately I’m posting prayer requests,the newest is for Jeff B. His mother in law (MARIA) has cancer . (see the post titled Damn it.) It would be nice to offer prayers for her and go show some Moral support to Jeff and his wife… Continue Reading “Prayer request.”

A new meme.

I saw this meme on a site,that I connot for the life of me,remember where. I said I would give it a go and here it is.I am: Happy I Think: Therefore I am. I want: To Be healthy. I have: what I want.… Continue Reading “A new meme.”

Another Prayer request.

In my travels in the cyber world I ran across a man,MARK who in on a road that is not good. He sounds like he needs Moral support.If you visit him you will know why. You never know when a kind word or thought… Continue Reading “Another Prayer request.”

They Served with Pride and Honor-Our Heroes-Never Forget For ALL military Men and Women

I’m proud to be an American – American Soldier Tribute I just found this today,It say it all!

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