Memorial Day.

Between this posting and the Bobbie Vinton Video this is my way of saying Thank you to all who has worn a uniform of the United States of America,especially those who gave their lives in the service of our country. To all who served and are serving now,I give you a heart felt THANK YOU!

A special to Nick for the picture that inspired this post.He has more photos over on his site that is worth taking the time to visit him.

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  1. Yes. Thank you for posting this. A wonderful tribute to all who have and are currently serving our country. So important to remember this day.

  2. Sandy C. Thank you.I\’m Proud to say that I served as did My Dad the only difference was that his service intials had one moe than mine.(USAAF,USAF)

  3. Thank you, Mike, for this post and the link to my blog. About that print, “The Wall,” that hangs on my living room wall: I first saw it hanging in the window of a print shop when my finances were quite low. After the third or fourth time of standing in front of that window, staring at it and remembering my friends and comrades whose names are listed on The Wall, I knew I had to have the print on my wall. It took three months to save the money (and giving up some things), but I finally was able to purchase it. I am so happy that I did. It has meaning for me that I can’t express in words.

  4. Nick,I know that feeling quite well.ewvn though I served in the Air Force.I had friends that ended up in that hell hole and some never came back alive.

  5. wonderful posts mike, I sat here for the longest time just listening to the music this morning. Thank you for the inspirational posts.

  6. Mike, This is a beautiful and poignant tribute. I add my heart felt thank you to all our brave men and woman who serve now and have served in the past. Thank you.hugs,Tina

  7. Mysti,I\’m glad that you came for a visit and to listen to the music that I haveposted.I do that as well on other site.but sometines do not thank the people who have posted music on their sites.Tina,there are times that I feel that god is the one that guides my postings.

  8. Mike,I have been to the Wall and have paid tribute to those soldiers whose names are listed there. It is an amazing place to visit. It\’s as if the spirits of those soldiers stand right along side of you. Happy Memorial Day, my friend. All soldiers are heroes.Blessings,Mary

  9. Mary If I could go ther I would,and I would see the menorial for the Second world war Vets as well.

  10. Mike,Thank you for the touching tribute to those in service to our country past and present. And special thoughts and prayers for those heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country free.Take care and God bless you! Renie

  11. Renie,this is one blog that I felt that had to done.I swiped the photo,I admit that,The words were mine and mine alone.the person I swiped this from liked this posting as well.

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