Bobby Vinton- Mr. Lonely

I saw this on Hootin-anni’s site.and since Memorial Day is for Military personell who have given their lives for our country and all of those who have served as well. I thank every body who has ever worn a uniform of our Branches of service.

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  1. You created an excellent Memorial Day post, Mike. I watched the “Mr. Lonely” video twice. Thank you.

  2. Nick you are quite welcomed,as I stated I cannot take credit for the idea of the video I saw it on a different site,and decided that it had to part of my Memnoial posting.

  3. Mike,I also saw this at Anni\’s and it is a great tribute to all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice that we may live in freedom.Blessings,Mary

  4. Mary,this is quite tru,the sad thing is that we are losing the Vets of WW2 rapidly and some day there will be none left at all to tell their storys.

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